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Our Premium Casino Grade Tables 

©2005-2006 All Rights Reserved including all pictures and pages within.

Rent A Casino provides premium casino grade gaming tables and accessories for the most popular casino games.   All tables are full size (unless otherwise noted) with felts made from the same billiard quality cloth used by major casinos. 


Rent A Casino offers the following game tables:

Blackjack Tables: 

Regulation size (3’ by 6') tables with room for 7 players.  Both sit down and stand up tables are available.

Roulette Tables:

Authentic 22" wheel on a (8’by 4’) table with room for 7 players and 2 dealers. We also supply each table with 200 of 7 different color roulette chips. The purpose of this is so that players don’t get confused and forget what bets are theirs.

Craps Tables:  2 sizes offered.  8’ foot and 7’ foot, both with standard green felts.


         8 foot                                                7 foot

Texas Hold'em (Poker) Tables: 

Regulation size (8' x 4' oval shaped) tables with room for 10 players and 1 dealer.  Great for Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Pineapple, or 7 Stud poker games.  

Money Wheel:

48 inch money wheel with layout available.

Funny Money:

Themed Funny Money available at NO CHARGE, custom Funny Money available at small additional charge:

Themed Money
Custom Money
funnymoney custommoney



To determine the amount of space each table requires include 2 feet of clearance room on all sides to allow for players and dealers.

©2005-2006 All Rights Reserved including all pictures and pages within.