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Fundraisers for Charities and Non-Profits

Casino parties are a popular way for non-profit and charity organizations to make money.  Rent a Casino offers free consultations to help you through the process of planning your event. We want you to be profitable. If you are not profitable, businesses like ours cannot exist. Please help us help you. We offer an entire fundraiser guideline manual to help you along your way to a profitable event. An event that will hopefully repeat itself every year. Contact us with your email address and we will email this guideline package to you. It is in Microsoft Word.doc format.  You must be completely pre-qualified to receive this document.


Rent a Casino can also offer your organization the finest Black Tie, VIP, table rentals and accessories available on the market.

Thatís the good news!


Unfortunately, we can not supply dealers for fundraisers in the commonwealth of Massachusetts due to the strict bazaar laws. If you click on the links below for the current laws:


Now that youíve read and understand the bazaar laws, there are some companies that will put themselves and their companies at risk of fines, seizure of equipment and maybe even jail. Rent a Casino is very sensitive and compliant to the state laws and we will not put ourselves at risk for the sake of any event.

The dealers at your event must be unpaid volunteers from the organization. Rent a Casino does have the capability to provide your volunteer dealers with the necessary training to deal each game at your event. After we receive your rental agreement, you can arrange to have someone from our company come out to your site and train your dealers.  We can also provide you some pointers on how to run a profitable table.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and concerns:



Gaming Laws by State - New England



New Hampshire






Rhode Island





Generally speaking, the state Attorney General's office offers guidelines for the State Gaming Laws for Charitable organizations and each municipality interprets and implements them as they see fit. A permit from the local Town Clerk, Chief of Police to hold your fundraising event is key to getting started.  If you are holding the event in a major hotel in a metropolitan city, the hotel may also need a permit to have the gaming equipment on premise. This should be done well beforehand so to avoid any last minute need for cancellation because the appropriate permits were not granted or not granted in time.

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